FCS Express: 2D Plots

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FCS Express supports six types of 2D Plots:

  • Dot or Color Dot Plots- Shows all the cells on your plot in any color you want.
  • Density Plots - Shows all the cells where the different colors represent the density of the cells at a given position.
  • Contour Plots - Same as density plots, except the density of the cells is displayed as contour lines.
  • Surface Plots - Shows a 3D surface view of the cells.
  • Scatter Plots - Shows custom-defined data or statistics, plotted on the X and Y axis.
  • Picture Plots - Shows an image which can be gated and treated like any other plot.

Every aspect of your plots can be easily customized in FCS Express. This includes scalings, ticks, labels, dot size, colors, fonts, and more. Click on the plots below to see a larger view or better yet, try with your own data by downloading a free 30 day trial of FCS Express.


    Dot Plots





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    The plots in FCS Express are completely customizable. You can change the background, fonts, titles, axis, legend, etc. Nearly every single thing you see on the screen is under user control.


    In addition, plots can be displayed in grayscale or black and white for publication-quality images.