Commercial Clinical Use of FCS Express

FCS Express has been selected by several industry leaders for use in their day-to-day flow cytometry lab operations.

Here are a few of our customers.
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"My function here at Integrated Oncology is to set up a work flow process for over 350 cases a day companywide so without a doubt I am choosing FCS Express to accomplish this.  In my opinion there just isn't another software option for us.  I need a user friendly package that will accommodate our current complex multicolor analysis as well as be able to expand for future growth, provide high quality reports for our clients, offer a virtual component for those customers that want to offer tech only flow or more closely interact with their patient results and the big challenge is that this has to happen in an extremely high volume reference laboratory.  De Novo Software has been able to provide us with the features that we need and their technical support is extraordinary.  I can't imagine a successful clinical lab without FCS Express; it is the "go-to" Clinical package."

Horacio Vall CLS, QFCM(ASCP)
Vice-President Science & Technology, Doctor of Biochemistry, Flow Cytometry Discipline Director Laboratory Corporation of America American Holders

"The Hematopathology laboratory of the Shands Hospital at the University of Florida analyzes numerous bone marrow, blood and lymphoid tissue samples for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphoma and related neoplastic conditions every day.  We have been using BD's CellQuest and CellQuest Pro software for our data acquisition and analysis for many years.  While adequate for acquisition, this software has several limitations regarding data analysis that recently prompted us to look for alternative programs for our clinical analytical work.  With the introduction of FCS Express 3, De Novo Software has provided an analysis tool that is completely optimized for clinical laboratories like ours.  Within a short period of time, we created a drastically improved analysis protocol in FCS Express and it seems that every day we discover new features, such as tokens, alerts, panels, etc. that easily allow us to improve the quality of the analysis.  Above all, I am extremely impressed with the excellence of the support staff that is always available to answer questions and courteously and positively responds to suggestions.  In my opinion, FCS Express is one of the best programs available today for clinical flow cytometry laboratories."

Raul Braylan

Former Medical Director, Flow Cytometry Laboratory of the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida

Detailed Lab Profile

"A major decision in our choice of software packages was dictated by how well we thought it would integrate with our report writing software (MS Word.)   It is my impression that FCS Express does a better job with interfacing with other widely used software programs than the two other programs that we evaluated.   It is hard to put into words, but FCS Express also seemed to have the look and feel of what I thought a "clinical" software program should be.  Currently we spend excessive time in clerical tasks of transferring numerical values into our reports.   In comparison with the other programs we reviewed, FCS Express seems to better suited to handle these repetitious tasks that are a big part of our clinical work and help separate this application  from the needs of a "research" user.   In short, the "automation" features of FCS Express seem stronger which are important to our clinical  laboratory.  Currently there is a labor tight market for qualified personnel in our area and we find it hard to attract technicians.  Moreover it often takes years to fully train a technician. By using FCS Express anticipate  shortening the training cycle by allowing our technicians more time to focus on the more demanding tasks in flow cytometry and less on clerical busy work.  We are currently using DiVa, which is a great data acquisition program, but it does have serious limitations when used for routine data analysis and report generation thus leading to our decision  to purchase FCS Express."

Nick Gonchoroff
Associate Professor
Suny-Upstate Medical University
"As a clinical flow cytometry data analysis service provider, the most critical tool that we require is high quality data analysis software. Several experts around the world suggested FCS Express, and after evaluating the software, I can understand why. The software is very easy to learn, has extensive analysis capabilities and creates high quality and attractive reports. De Novo Software's customer service is exceptional, and they rapidly answered any questions that I had and helped me resolve any issues that I had. I easily created an elaborate layout in FCS Express that is completely optimized for my own personal analysis style. I highly recommend FCS Express for anyone doing clinical flow cytometry data analysis. "

Mariella Monreal

How do I get Pricing Information?

Labs that intend to use FCS Express for commercial  activities, which includes (without limitation) use of the product in connection with any services that you provide to your clients or customers, regardless of the manner in which you are compensated by those clients or customers are considered to be operating in a commercial environment and pricing for these facilities will be provided via a pricing estimate.
Every organization is different and De Novo Software can provide a custom solution for you. A price quotation will be based upon many factors. Some of the factors  taken into consideration are:

  • number of cases analyzed per month
  • number of proposed installation sites
  • amount of help desired to design and build new protocols
  • exact feature set required 
  • amount of integration with existing computing systems or LIS
If you are using FCS Express for non-commercial activites, please visit our prices page.

Please contact us to speak with a representative and obtain your custom quotation.