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“I am just hanging out on your website going through the basic how-to webinar and when I see what the program can do I can only say “WOW”. I think your customer support is really great and I appreciate the recorded webinars that I can view to gain proficiency.”

-Suzanne Hickman, PhD. Laboratory for Neuroimmunology and Innate Immunity

WINMDI vs. FCS Express

WINMDI (Windows Multiple Document Interface for Flow Cytometry) is a free PC-based flow cytometry analysis software that was developed by Joe Trotter. WINMDI is an older 16-bit Windows application and reads most FCS 2.0 compliant files that existed at the time it was last compiled (in 2000). It does not recognize FCS 3.0 BD digital data or other data where the raw values are are either stored at greater than 16 bits as signed/unsigned integers, or as 32 bit single precision floats (where $datatype = F). More information about the history, documentation, and downloads for WINMDI can be found on the scripps.edu website

FCS Express has all of the capabilities of WINMDI but with many more advanced features like direct export to powerpoint, advanced software compensation, batch processing, proliferation analysis, bar plots, and more. FCS Express is also actively developed, continuously improved, and is compatible with FCS files from any flow cytometer. Although FCS Express is not free, De Novo Software offers a lite version of software for significantly less cost than the Professional version.

The best way to see what FCS Express can do for you is to download a free 30 day trial of the software. You can also watch our short video below or see one of many recorded webinars to learn about specific topics. Of course if you have any other questions you can contact our knowledgeable support team at support@denovosoftware.com.

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