FCS Express: High Content Analysis

FCS Express continues to lead the field by providing cutting edge high content visualization tools. FCS Express supports heat map plots for displaying plate based, high content screening, high content analysis, for image and flow cytometry analysis data

FCS Express 6 now introduces the capabilty to display wells with a radius parameter that will adjust the radius of wells in real time as the data changes effectively allowing you to visualize additional parameters without tradeoff. For instance, one could plot the median of a parameter of interest as the heat parameter and the number of events as the well radius as in the example below.

Additionaly, heat maps now support up to six overlays which are represented as slices of a "pie" within the well. Combining overlays with radius based displays will allow for easy visualization of many parameters.

For more details on using heat map radius displays and overlays please see the Heat Maps section of the FCS Express manual.

Please also see our pages dedicated to high content analysis in FCS Express.

Heat maps in FCS Express 6 allow you to visualize a parameter as the radius of the well and allow up to six overlays represented as "slices" of the well.