Image Cytometry Application Areas


Benchtop Image Cytometry

High Content Screening

Histology Slide Scanning

Benchtop Image Cytometry

Benchtop Image cytometers such as the Chemometec NucleoCounter NC-3000, Nexcelom Vision, and the Life Technologies Tali are useful to standardize and facilitate everyday work in the lab. They can also carry out more sophisticated assays. Automate routine assays such as cell viability to improve your workflow or develop a new protocol with a matching report template. FCS Express is now compatible with several image-based cytometers complete with examples layouts to get your started!


High Content Screening

Managing the massive amount of images and data from HCS is a daunting task! FCS Express is compatible with data from most high content screening systems. FCS Express will help optimize your assay by working with data and images interactively at the single cell level. Establish and use sub-population analysis to automate your report generation for routine primary screens and dose response studies. See some examples below!


Research Imaging

Using image cytometry for your basic research? Let FCS Express help you manage image and data review and standardize your analysis. Establish subpopulations and quickly review cell behavior across multiple images with a flow cytometry data analysis environment for image data.


Histology and Slide Scanning

Quantification and reporting for histology and pathology is an important task. FCS Express for Image Cytometry has advanced image handling capabilities to allow you to work interactively between images and your analysis results from single or multiple images. You can even work with tiled images of tissue sections.



Image cytometry can automate almost any redundant manual counting task. See some examples below that demonstrate automated analysis and reporting for colony counting and live dead assay in production mode (CellProfiler automating colony counting, and the Molecular Devices IsoCyte/Velos running a high throughput live/dead assay). FCS Express can fully automate the data processing and reporting step for your production biology.