FCS Express: Easy to Use and Learn

Intuitive Software Interface Similar to Microsoft OfficeTM

If you use Microsoft Office products you are well on your way to being an FCS Express expert.

Build your analysis and reporting templates in an environment remarkably like PowerPoint and the other Office products.  With the same approach to shortcuts, icons, organization and workflow, you will be analyzing your data quickly and efficiently in minutes.


Home Tab

Create and modify new layouts from an intuitive tabbed menu with a general Application Button. Each common task has a detailed tab.


Insert Tab

Insert images, a large variety of plots or detailed text into a layout from the Insert tab.


Text Tab

Any text used in your reports can be as carefully edited and configured as you would in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Gating Tab

Applying gates to any plot or image is easy through the Gating tab. Note the complete set of options when choosing which type of gate to use.


Batch Tab

Automated data processing and report generation is very simple through the Batch tab. Configuring a batch analysis and report is as easy as choosing what you want included and configuring the output.

Learn More about the Intuitive Software Interface


FCS Express is Easy to Learn with Extensive Help and Tutorials

Nearly 30 tutorials take you step-by-step through the details of the software. The Manual and Tutorials are available from within FCS Express or online at any time.

Check out the Introduction to Image Cytometry Tutorial for FCS Express.

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