FCS Express: Optimize your Workflow

Improve Your Results and Workflow

FCS Express Image Cytometry brings you the same data crunching, visualization and reporting power of FCS Express Flow Cytometry to your image based data while giving you fully interactive access to the original images. After you are done with image acquisition and segmentation for multi-parametric data extraction FCS Express is here to help.

With FCS Express Image Cytometry you combine a multi-step protocol for data processing, analysis with report building into a single step. Work with one software package and eliminate the redundant data processing steps you now do in Excel, and stop cutting and pasting everything into PowerPoint.

FCS Express Image Cytometry Fits in your Workflow

Acquire and analyze your images as you do now. Then work with your images and multi-parametric data dynamically in FCS Express and then simply export a report in the format you desire. Once analysis and report templates are built for an assay you have eliminated the redundant data processing, cutting and pasting steps you now do in spreadsheets and PowerPoint with the next data set.

FCS Express Saves You Time

We are all familiar with the REALITY of the scientific process... Conduct an experiment, acquire data, export to spreadsheets, massage data, generate plots and graphs, review and make changes... Then its time to gather and report your results. So, you find the right data and graphs, cut and paste them into Word or PowerPoint... ANy changes to the data mean replacing the graphs or images...

Of course, you REPEAT THE WHOLE PROCESS for the next similar experiment. Sum up all the time wasted repeating these tasks, cutting and pasting into final reports, and it can be a majority of your day...

Once you build your first analysis template in FCS Express you simply import new data and images to automate the data processing and plot generating steps. Each subsequent experiment can be imported and run in a batch, saving considerable time. Why repeat the manual processing, cutting and pasting? Tweak setting for each run and export a report. If you export to PowerPoint, each object is fully customizable, jst as thogh you had started in PowerPoint. Why not automate it?

Complex Data Analysis Capabilities

Build your complete data analysis strategy at the same time as the report. Perform sophisticated flow cytometry style data analysis, optimize assays, make plots. Run cluster analysis, R scripts and data transformations in real time. Gate and filter, and seamlessly go back and forth between data and original images or individual cells to check on results. Features for flow analysis combined with capabilities for imaging data will get the most from your experiments. You can build custom equations and functions into reports and apply sophisticated curve fitting to biological data or dose-response studies.


Advanced Report Generation and Communication Tools

  • Work with your data in a dynamic format while laying out multi-page reports. Plots, charts and images update in real time as you modify filters and gates for each new data set.
  • FCS Express software enables unparalleled data mining, quickly find subpopulations of cells within a single image or across multiple images, apply gates and view the cells in them! Then pull results from multiple pages into a summary table or paragraph for the report and watch it update in real time with new data. Run cluster analysis, R scripts, and transformations in real time.
  • Customizing your reports is easy using "Tokens" which insert dynamic variables into text, tables or other visualizations. Build summary tables or paragraphs into a report the pull together results from various plots or pages within the report.
  • For example, using Tokens you can build a table that reports the number of cells in any gate and the percentage of cells meeting other criteria. Get all the final comparisons needed in one place. Color code the results to make it easy. Insert Tokens into summary paragraphs so the text of your report updates for any new data set.
  • Finalize a report and export to PowerPoint, PDF and Excel with the single click of a mouse. Build report generation into a batch analysis and have reports generate for whole slides, plates or screens worth of data.
  • Communicate your results in multiple ways. Share PDFs and PowerPoint or use our free FCS Reader to let others open you layouts and work with the live data.


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