Installing the Network Version

1. Download the RUO or IVD installation program (as appropriate for your purchased license) to your Desktop or other temporary location.

2. Run the installation program.

An introductory screen will appear for either FCS Express RUO or IVD, as appropriate. Note that screenshots below are representative of the RUO version. 

3. Press Next. The license screen will appear.

4. Read the license agreement. If you accept, select the I accept the agreement radio button and press Next. The following screen will appear:

5. Choose the Network license radio button. Press Next.

6. Select the folder in which you wish to install FCS Express. This should be the folder on the shared drive where everyone will be able to access FCS Express. Press Next.

7. Review your installation settings. Press Install. FCS Express will now be installed on your computer. This may take a few minutes.


8. To activate FCS Express on an individual workstation, a shortcut to the program executable "FCS Express.exe" on the server can be placed on the Desktop of the user's local machine. The shortcut can also be kept in the installation folder for multiple use.

Notes about Permissions for Network License

Make sure that the users have read/write access to the folder where you installed FCS Express. They do not need write access to the files that were installed with FCS Express, but they do need write permission to the folder.

Next Step: Obtaining your configuration file

Via the Configuration File Wizard

The computer you are installing the configuration file to must be connected to the internet


If you have received a configuration file via email

Converting from a Demo Configuration

Converting from Demo Configuration File to Purchased Configuration File