Installing the Standalone Version

1. Download the installation program to your desktop or other temporary location. Or, if you are installing from a CD, run setup.exe located on the CD (this may start automatically when you insert the CD).

Depending on the security settings at your organization, you may need Administrator rights to proceed.

2. Run the installation program. An introductory screen will appear.

3. Press Next. The license screen will appear.

4. Read the license agreement. If you accept, select the I accept the agreement radio button and press Next. The following window will appear. Select Standalone license.

5. Confirm the destination location and click Install.

6. At the completion of install, click Finish to exit setup.

Notes about Permissions for Standalone License

Depending on your operating system, and computer configuration, you may require administrative access in order to install FCS Express. It is important that if you are installing as an Administrator, but are going to be using FCS Express as a non-administrator, you should run FCS Express the first time as the non-administrator. Running FCS Express the first time as an Administrator will create certain files that the non-administrator will need to modify, but Windows will not allow the non-administrator to do so because the Administrator owns the file.

In short, run the installation program as the administrator if required, but do not run it as the administrator unless you will always be running as administrator.

Next Step: Obtaining your configuration file

Via the Configuration File Wizard

The computer you are installing the configuration file to must be connected to the internet


If you have received a configuration file via email

Converting from a Demo Configuration

Converting from Demo Configuration File to Purchased Configuration File