Installing the macOS Version

Prior to installation of the macOS version of FCS Express, please verify that the your macOS User Security Preferences are appropriately set to install applications from the Mac App Store, or Identified Developers. You can learn more about macOS Gatekeeper here.

1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

2. Click Security & Privacy.

3. From the General category, verify that the option to allow apps downloaded from the Mac App Store and Identified Developers is selected. To change this preference, you will need to click on the lock icon in the lower left corner to unlock the preferences for edit. You will need admin privileges to do this.

4. Download the FCS Express RUO installation program (as appropriate for your purchased license) to your Desktop or other temporary location.

5. Double click the installation program, which will end in a .DMG extension.

6. Once the disk image mounts, a Finder window will open. 

7. Drag the FCS Express 6 icon onto the Applications folder shortcut.

8. A progress bar window will appear, indicating the speed and status of the installation.

9. Once the installation is complete, drag the FCS Express 6 icon from the Applications folder to the Dock to add a shortcut.

10. When running FCS Express 6 for the first time after installation, a window should appear, verifying our developer signature with the Apple database..

11. After verification, click Open when prompted.

12. Proceed to the next step to obtain your configuration file.

Next Step: Obtaining your configuration file

Via the Configuration File Wizard

The computer you are installing the configuration file to must be connected to the internet


If you have received a configuration file via email

Converting from a Demo Configuration

Converting from Demo Configuration File to Purchased Configuration File