FCS Express: Integrated Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets in FCS Express can be used to perform most of the operations that Microsoft Excel provides. In addition, values in Spreadsheet cells can be derived directly from statistics within the layout, keywords, or from data files in the Data List. Inserting statistics for data files in the Data List allows additional flexibility in analysis of many statistics for many data files that are not currently open in the layout. Learn about all of the functionality spreadsheets provide in the FCS Express Manual and try our series of specialized spreadsheet tutorials.

A Spreadsheet may be added to a layout via the Insert tab→SpreadsheetNew command. Once a spreadsheet has been inserted in the layout, click on it to reveal the Spreadsheet Layout and Formulas tabs (below).

The spreadsheet Formula and Layout tabs allow you full Excel like functionality with live updating statistics from gates, plots, and data files


Any type of data can be entered or derived from tokens in a spreadsheet. Many of the advanced Excel-like features, such as conditional formatting (seen below), are now available within FCS Express.

A spreadsheet created in FCS Express for 6 peak bead analysis with various conditional formatting applied.


Learn more about spreadsheets and using the feature to analyze multiple data files, without having to open plots for data files in your layout, via the short video below.

Analyzing Multiple Data Files in The Data List from Spreadsheets