FCS Express: Marker, Quadrant, and Gate Locking/Visibility

Marker, quadrant, and gate editing can be set to allow move, not allow move, or allow move based on a token to "lock" down movement of these items.

Additionally, visibility of markers and quadrants may be set as visible, not visible (hidden) or conditionally based on a token value. Conditional visibility has many potential applications and is especially useful when creating Standard Operating Procedures when a marker or quadrant visibility may be based on the current step in the SOP.

When using a custom value the marker, quadrant, or gate will only be visibile or allowed to move if the token evaluates to True.

For more details on using the specific visibility and locking features please see the Histogram Markers, Quadrants, and Gating sections in the FCS Express manual.

Visibility and Allow Move features of markers, quadrants, and gates allows flexibility to show or hide these items when needed or to "lock down" movement. Either option can be conditionally selected based on a custom token.