Partnership: Fluxion Biosciences

Company Profile

Fluxion Biosciences provides cellular analysis tools for use in critical life science, drug discovery, and diagnostic applications. Fluxion's proprietary microfluidic platform enables precise functional analysis of individual cells in a multiplexed format. Products include the BioFlux(TM) System for studying cellular interactions, the IonFlux(TM) System for high throughput patch clamp measurements, and the IsoFlux(TM) System for circulating tumor cells. Fluxion's systems are designed to replace laborious and difficult assays by providing intuitive, easy-to-use instruments for cell-based analysis.


Fluxion Bioscienes and De Novo Software have collaborated to enable data import from the BioFlux Application Suite for cell based assays.

Fully integrated into the BioFlux application suite, FCS Express combines the power and flexibility of flow cytometry data analysis with the enhanced information obtained from high resolution imaging. The combination of BioFlux and FCS Express allows researchers to visualize data and analyze subsets using traditional flow cytometry gating strategies, while simultaneously viewing the high resolution images of the individual cells in the gates. This enables quantitative analysis of the multiparametric data derived from each cell combined with sophisticated reporting, batch processing and flexible analysis protocols all in an easy-to-use Microsoft Office style program.


Please contact us if you have questions about using De Novo Software with BioFlux systems.