Partnership : Nexcelom BioScience

Company Profile

Nexcelom's solutions automate the time-consuming counting procedures for hundreds of different cell types, enabling scientists to focus less on the process and more on the research results. Nexcelom's products are currently being used in the labs of leading pharmaceutical companies, Biotech organizations, universities, and research institutions.

Life science moves at lightening speed. Count on the Cellometer product line to help you advance cell research.

Nexcelom Mission

  • To remain close to our customers, understanding their evolving needs and listening to their suggestions.
  • To quickly address all new challenges with the release of new, innovative and updated products on a regular basis.
  • To share our knowledge and best practices with our users so they may benefit from our experiences in methodology and protocol development allowing them to focus their time on discovery.


Nexcelom and De Novo Software have collaborated to enable data import from the Nexcelom Cellometer Vision Instruments. Data files can be saved directly within the Cellometer Instrument in a dedicated format compatible with FCS Express 6 for Flow and Image Cytometry. Nexcelom offers a variety of enabling products and consumables for cell counting and biological assays.

Use of De Novo software is possible with data from the following Nexcelom products:

Please see our Nexcelom Examples Webpage to view specific applications analyzed in FCS Express.

Please contact us if you have questions about using De Novo Software with Nexcelom Cellometer Vision multi-parametric or Imaging data.