Partnership : Phoenix Flow Systems

Company Profile

Phoenix Flow Systems has been in business for over 15 years providing software and reagents for flow cytometry. They offer low cost solutions for list mode data analysis, simple but powerful DNA cell cycle analysis software, complete apoptosis and cell proliferation measurement kits, and stabilized control cells for CD-34, HLA-B27, and TdT. They also provide consultation in purchasing new and used flow cytometers. Often they have used machines at reasonable prices.


De Novo Software and Phoenix Flow Systems have partnered on many projects in the past. We benefit from Phoenix Flow System's vast knowledge in the area of flow cytometry, and their many industry relationships. Phoenix Flow Systems has benefited from our ability to quickly create custom, professional solutions in the area of flow cytometry data analysis. Currently, we are collaborating to integrate the highly successful DNA cell cycle analysis application Multicycle, into our flagship product, FCS Express.