Partnership: Yokogawa CQ1

Company Profile

The acute angle and sharp straight edges of the top half of the diamond symbol represent Yokogawa's cutting-edge technology while the gentle curvature of the bottom half represents the warm-hearted nature of Yokogawa's people. By balancing these two elements, Yokogawa aims to contribute toward the realization of a thriving global society in much the same way as the sun. This property is reflected in the bright yellow of the diamond. With its leading-edge technologies. Yokogawa will continue to play an indispensable role by providing value-added products and other solutions that help industries grow and ensure a thriving society.

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De Novo Software and Yokogawa have collaborated to make the import of results and images from the CQ1 high content systems possible. FCS Express is directly compatible with data exported from the CQ1 software through the .ICE file format. The collaboration is an ongoing process and capabilities are continuously growing.

Learn more about how the CQ1 integrates with FCS Express with the CQ-1 Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer and DNA Analysis flyers below.


Please contact us if you have questions about using De Novo Software with Yokogawa CQ1 multi-parametric or Imaging data.