Partnership: LabKey Software

Company Profile

LabKey Software’s team of professional software designers and engineers works in partnership with leading scientists to create powerful applications for managing scientific research data. LabKey Software’s team has backgrounds at Microsoft,, BEA Systems, and Cray Supercomputer, with deep expertise in commercial-grade software development and a focus on solutions for the difficult data analysis and management problems facing research scientists today.
LabKey Software’s flagship product, LabKey Server, is open source software that helps scientists integrate, analyze, and share large, complex datasets. LabKey Server allows integration of many different types of data on one platform – from study participant data to specimen information to complex, multi-dimensional assay results.  Implemented as a web-based user interface over a robust relational database, LabKey Server provides secure, web-based query, reporting, and collaboration services, allowing users and distributed collaborators to securely see, share and update data, analysis, and visualizations.


LabKey Software and De Novo Software are working together to provide direct export capabilities from FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry to LabKey Server. The collaboration will allow high-volume flow cytometry users to leverage not only the report generation and analysis capabilities of FCS Express, but also the sophisticated, web-based data environment provided by LabKey Server, including flexible tools for quality control and workflow customization.

Check out the press release announcing export capability.


LabKey Software and De Novo Software are happy to announce a series of tutorials that can help you get started exporting your data from FCS Express for use in LabKey Server.

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