FCS Express: Creating PowerPoint Slides

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More Testimonials

“We chose FCS Express because it allowed us to do all statistical analysis we wanted to do and exporting to Word and PowerPoint is very easy.”

- Rico Bongaarts
Manager of Training and Applications, Union Biometrica

'I made a figure in 2 minutes flat today without ever have opened the program before in my life. "

"I have struggled with FlowJo for months, but will no longer have to go through the pains of using that program. Please give the designers of this program due praise.”

- Ellen Beswick
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Micrbiology, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Do you use Microsoft PowerPoint® to prepare presentations of your flow cytometry analysis? Are you tired of wasting time cutting and pasting between your flow cytometry analysis program and PowerPoint?

With FCS Express, you can create a PowerPoint presentation at the click of a button!

You can use the extensive layout features inside FCS Express to display your data and statistics exactly the way you want them presented. Then, you can automatically convert your layout file into a presentation. All of your data, statistics, text notes, headings, and background design will be converted.

FCS Express works with all versions of PowerPoint above Office 2003.

Convert your FCS Express Layout to a PowerPoint Presentation

Click Save and your presentation is ready to go.
It's just that easy!

You can even move and resize plots and tables on the slide, as they're exported as individual objects.


All the exported graphic objects are individual graphics in Powerpoint. They can be moved, ungrouped, resized and manipulated in any way, independent of the other exported graphics.