Installing your site license as an administrator

Please read this page if your institution has purchased an FCS Express site license and you wish to install FCS Express the first time as a site license administrator.

As the site license administrator, the site license of FCS Express is likely registered to your email address. If it is registered to someone else, you will need to find out the email address and password for the registered end-user on the De Novo Software purchasing system. You will need this to obtain the correct configuration file.

To obtain the required configuration file, please log in to the My Account section of the website. Once you are logged in, please select Request config file from the Account Actions on the right. Then select your site license config file and press the Get Config file button. The configuration file will be emailed to you.

Save the configuration file from your email to your desktop or other temporary location.

To install your site license, please follow the following instructions:

1. Download the FCS Express installation program for the version of FCS Express that you have a site license for.

2. Install the software as the standalone version.

3. Run the program the first time. A wizard will appear to help you put the configuration file you received above in the correct location. Choose the Using a configuration file I already received option and select the configuration file you saved above.

4. Start FCS Express.

Please note: you will need to provide the configuration file to site license users, so please keep the configuration file in a convenient location.