FCS Express: Transformations

Data Transformations allow you to create custom parameters for k-means clustering, principal component analysis, parameter math, SPADE, tSNE/viSNE, as well as allow you to directly integrate R-scripts. The new transformations tools are built directly into FCS Express with an easy to use interface and drag and drop to plots capability. Simply click on the Tools tab→Transformations to launch the Transformations navigator. Once your transformation is created you may drag and drop it to any plots to apply it. Learn more about transformations in the FCS Express Manual, our Cluster Analysis Tutorial, or the short video on R-Integration below.

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Transformation Chapters in the FCS Express Manual

In the examples below a .FCS file was tSNE mapped and transformation applied. Parameters were displayed with color based on heat mapping (left) and tSNE populations were gated and backgated while the tSNE parameter gates were applied to subsequent plots for further analysis (right). Click images to enlarge.


Learn more about R-integration in FCS Express via the short video below.

R Integration with FCS Express 6