Installing FCS Express V5

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Please note, FCS Express 5 is no longer for sale, and no further updates will be released.

These are the steps required for getting started with FCS Express 5:

  1. Obtaining the installation program
    1. With a purchase
  2. Installing FCS Express
    1. Standalone
    2. Network
  3. Obtaining a configuration file
    1. Configuration File Wizard
    2. Obtaining a Configuration File by Email
  4. Using Dongles
    1. Dongle Installation
  5. Using Countercodes

1. Obtaining the installation program

1.1 For a purchase

Please download the FCS Express 5 Research Version Installation program from here.  If you need the installation for the Clinical Version, please click here.

You may have also received a CD in the mail containing the installation program.  You can elect to install the program by downloading the executable from our website, or from the CD. Please note that if you are installing FCS Express from a CD, make sure it is the latest version. Please check here to find out the latest version number.  You can check the current version number by going to Help->About from the main FCS Express menu.


2. Installing FCS Express

2.1  Installing FCS Express for a Standalone License

  1. Run the install program:
    • If you are installing from the CD, run the program setup.exe.
    • If you have downloaded the software from the Internet, double-click on the file that you downloaded.
  1. Follow the prompts in the install program to complete the installation.

2.2  Installing FCS Express for Network Licenses

  1. Run the install program:
  1. Follow the prompts in the install program to complete the installation.  When the install program prompts you for the directory to install to, be sure to install FCS Express on a disk drive that is accessible to your users.
  2. You can then create shortcuts to FCS Express on all of your users’ local machines. Make sure that the users have read/write access to the folder where you installed FCS Express.

3. Obtaining a Configuration file

In order to run FCS Express, you will need a configuration file.  The configuration file tells FCS Express which version of the software you are running, which features to activate, and other information. There are two ways to obtain a configuration file, either through our Configuration File Wizard or through email. In order to use the configuration file Setup Wizard, you must be connected to the Internet.

3.1  Configuration File Wizard

When FCS Express starts up, it will detect whether or not a configuration file is present. If one does not exist, the Configuration File Setup Wizard will automatically appear.

Press Next to continue.

If you already have an account with De Novo Software, choose the first option.

If you do not yet have an account, choose the second option.

Press Next to continue.

If you chose the first option above, the next page will prompt you to enter your email address and the password you entered on the De Novo Software web site when you registered.

If this is for a purchased copy, make sure to log in using the e-mail address of account that the purchased copy is registered to.

If you do not remember your password, enter your email address and press the I Forgot My Password button.

Press Next to continue.

Choose the configuration for your purchase from the list of available licenses.

Press Next to continue.

The configuration process is now complete.

Press Finish to launch FCS Express.


3.2. Obtaining a Configuration file by Email

When you purchase FCS Express, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your purchase. Your product configuration file will be attached to this email. Also, when you download the demonstration of FCS Express, you will receive a confirmation email with the configuration file attached.  Whether you have purchased, or download the demo, simply save the configuration file from the email to the configuration directory of FCS Express.

In the future, you may need to obtain the configuration file but you might not have access to the original email with the attachment. If you do not have the original email, then

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Log in with your email address and password.
  4. From there, there will be an option for you to obtain the configuration file.   Select this option, and select your configuration file, and click on the button to send the file.
  5. The configuration file will then be sent to you by email. 
  6. Once you receive the email, save the configuration file from the email to the configuration directory of FCS Express.

4. Using Dongles

If you select the dongle option when purchasing FCS Express v5, the dongle will have been mailed to you along with the CD copy of the software program. FCS Express can be downloaded from the web site immediately after purchase and will run on any computer for 45 days after purchase.  After that time, you will be required to insert a dongle into the USB port.

Make sure to install and run FCS Express at least one time before inserting the USB dongle. This will install the correct drivers on to your system.

The first time that you use the dongle, the dongle must be inserted into a computer that is connected to the Internet. FCS Express will validate that the purchase was approved and then activate the dongle.  After activation, the dongle can be used from any computer, irrespective of whether or not that computer is connected to the Internet.

4.1 Dongle Installation


Once you have obtained your dongle configuration file, you are ready to install the dongle drivers.

See the Configuring Your Dongle page for details.

5. Using Countercodes

Countercodes are a second copy protection option that you have when using FCS Express. A countercode is not required for 45 days after purchase. De Novo Software will only  issue a countercode once we have received payment for your purchase. If you purchased using a credit card, your purchase will be approved as soon as the credit card payment is processed, which is typically as soon as we enter the order into our system.

After 45 days, the software will not run without a countercode. Remember that the countercode will lock that copy of FCS Express to a particular computer, so be sure only to request a countercode for the computer that you want to use FCS Express on.

Countercodes for FCS Express 5 are retrieved in the same way as they are for FCS Express 6. Please see the Obtaining Counter Code page for additional details.


FCS Express will now run on your computer.