FCS Express in Clinical Diagnosis

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“I have been using FCS Express for several years and am extremely pleased with its functionality and flexibility.”

- Raul Braylan
Medical Director, Flow Cytometry Laboratory of the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida

Why did so many people switch to FCS Express?

FCS Express was the first third-party flow cytometry data analysis software manufacturer listed with the FDA.

Most third-party software packages came out of research laboratories and are designed with the researcher in mind. FCS Express Version 3 was designed in conjunction with US Labs, to include many functions that are optimized for the clinical lab. The success of FCS Express 3 IVD led to further development of FCS Express 4 and the current, FCS Express 5. Clinical labs can also not afford to wait for companies to fix bugs that may result in an incorrect patient diagnosis. That is why De Novo Software has extensive quality procedures that allows us to be registerd with the FDA . Do you want to trust your clinical results to a research tool? 

Everthing you need for the clinical lab is all in one package.

You do not need separate software programs to generate reports or enhance graphics for your reports or presentations.  You can insert histograms for your DNA analysis right into your complex screening panel layout with our MultiCycle AV plug in.  Do you need to calculate a calibration curve for your known standard beads?  No problem with FCS Express using the Channel Calibration tool.  You can analyze FCS files from any cytometer in FCS Express, no need for multiple analysis programs.  

Publication Quality Reports.

FCS Express integrates your flow analysis with the most sophisticated reporting engine available. Your analysis is also a professional quality report that can be distributed to clients and pathologists alike.  There is no longer any need to trade off reporting capabilities for analysis features.  Flexible formating allows you to create exactly the report you want.

Easy to use

Most flow cytometry analysis packages work in their own unique manner, requiring training and experience to become proficient in the software. In contrast, FCS Express works similar to the familiar Microsoft Office™ products like PowerPoint™ and Word™. This means that almost everyone who comes to FCS Express will instantly feel familiar with it. This minimizes training costs and allows users to focus on analysing the case instead of learning to use the software. Click here for more information about FCS Express' familar user interface.


Many labs have cut down their average analysis time by using FCS Express, in some cases by as much as 50%. This is because FCS Express is full of features designed specifically to improve efficiency in the clinical laboratory. Common analysis tasks like adding and subtracting statistics are automated, and special features allow you to obtain the high quality analysis that you need in a fraction of the time. Core functionality such as gating, statistical calculations, compensation and other computer-intensive tasks are highly optimized to provide a responsive program no mater how many cells and tubes you are analysing. FCS Express also allows you export the contents of a text box, so while physicians are examing cases, they can type notes directly on the layout and have these sent to the LIS. Click here for more information about how FCS Express improves efficiency in the lab.   

Canned Comments.

FCS Express now supports Canned Comments which can consist of text and tokens to create a library of text for use in text boxes. Canned Comments allow the user to insert commonly used phrases or observations with just one click.


Although most of our clinical customers create structured layouts to standardize their flow data analysis, they also know that they can incorporate changes if needed quickly.   We have made this even easier with our new Hidden Pages and Clinical Tokens functions. Now you can incorporate add-on tubes or reflex testing into a single layout by keeping these plots on hidden pages until you need them. Automatically add new plot pictures to your LIS export based upon the patient diagnosis via the outcome of conditional tokens. And as always, your pathologist can directly move gates or change axis parameters themselves to get all the information they need to interpret each case.

Highest Possible Accuracy with Built in Quality Control.

Improve quality and eliminate careless errors by incorporating Tokens to automatically display text or statistical information during analysis. Create custom tokens to perform classic calculations such as averages and ratios as well as more complex equations such as linear regression, absolute counts, and control ranges.  Patient information or keywords can be automatically extracted from your data files, no need to manually enter data.  Create your analysis layouts with pre-defined QC checks built right in with our Alerts tool.  Flag techs to suspicious results or to reflex additional testing as pre-defined conditions indicate. Perform automatic checks to ensure patient data files match when analyzing multiple files in complex panels avoiding any careless mistakes. When maximum efficiency is your top concern, don't let the quality of your work pay the price. Click here for more detailed information about the quality control features in FCS Express.

Direct LIS Integration promotes the paperless workplace.

In today's laboratory, all data ends up in a central LIS system for record retention and generation of patient reports. FCS Express can be integrated with your LIS system. With the ability to export the contents of a text box, physicians can now examine cases and type notes directly on the layout for integration in the LIS. The De Novo Software staff have extensive experience integrating with a wide variety of LIS systems. Click here to find out more about how LIS integration works and what types of integration formats FCS Express supports.