FCS Express: Bar Plots

Most users spend a lot of time exporting data to Excel or other spreadsheet software in order to make bar plots to summarize their data. If the data changes, due to a change in gating strategy, you have to re-export all your data and recreate your graphs. FCS Express has built in Bar Plots that update immediately as your analysis changes. This takes you from your raw data to final results in record time. Learn more about creating and using Bar Plots.

Bar Plots

  • Customizable - Charts are fully formattable to user specifications for display or publication
  • Drag and Drop - Create new bars and series by dragging and dropping data
  • Highlighting - Bars can be highlighted if they match a user-defined range
  • Error bars - Can be displayed based on any user defined input
  • Auto updating - By using tokens for a Bar Plot data for the plot will automatically update in response to changes in gates, formulas, and other tokens

View the short video below for an example of the features that Bar Plots offer.

Using Bar Plots