FCS Express: Clinical Tokens

FCS Express 5 Flow Cytometry IVD combines ease of use with many critical features that are needed by clinical flow laboratories. In response to customer feedback, the team at De Novo Software has added new tokens only available in this clinically focused version. The new tokens allow triggering of the following items based on the token value:

  • Classification
  • Changing font size, type, and color
  • View and hide pages
  • Batch Processing

Statistic Classifier Tokens

Statistic Classifier tokens are limited to the Clinical version of FCS Express 5, as they are certainly more widely used by labs doing clinical types of analysis than those doing research assays. This type of token can be used to classify various statistics such as the mean fluorescense intensity of an individual stained marker into standardized ranges such as Negative, Dim, Moderate or Bright based upon your hematopathologist's own criteria. They can automatically evaluate the results of other tokens used in your layout such as interpreting a custom ratio token as "normal" or "abnormal" based upon your lab's own cutoff ranges.

Font Formatting Tokens

Now you can control which font style and color is displayed by any token based upon that token's value or result. Flag out of control values in bright red text while displaying acceptable results in another color or font. Enhance or color-code your assay results to improve and facilitate validation and review.

A classifier token has been applied in the sample below to display the number of events as normal, high, or low. Notice how the font color and type automatically changes by resizing the gate.

Tokens to control page visibility

Use token values to control whether or not individual layout pages are shown or hidden from view. Create hidden pages for your add-on markers or reflex testing that will automatically become visible in your layout based upon a particular statistic or conditional criteria occurring during your analysis. For example, hide an add-on page for marker B until a gate on marker A exceeds a preset limit. Design alternate report pages based upon the patient sample types. The possibilities are endless, yet defined and controlled by you and your data.

Using Tokens in Batch Processing

We have used tokens to export statistics and keywords to Excel Spreadsheets, text file elements, or other report format options as part of our Batch Processing Actions for many years now. Now you can use tokens to control which actions are active or not during the batch as well. As an example, let's say that you normally want to export a jpeg image of your SSC vs FSC plot. But on occasion you would like to send extra jpegs of other plots to be included with your reports. You can use your custom conditional tokens to define when a certain plot should be included or not.