FCS Express: Data Grids

Data Grids provide the user a convenient way to display all of the raw parameter data from an .fcs file or new custom data. FCS Express also makes it possible to view and create gates on the raw data and perform subsequent backgating analysis. Columns and rows within the grid can be created or deleted as appropriate. Tokens, formulas, or any combination of the two can be added to columns and rows to further customize your data.

Data Grids can show backgating information

In the layout below a Data Grid was inserted for "Sample #1". Note the display of raw parameter data for all of the relevant channels. Gates that were assigned to "Sample #1" on the 2D plot (upper left) are displayed in the Data Grid as colored rectangular boxes.

Apply Gates to Data Grids

In the layout below a Range Gate was applied to the Data Grid to only show the first 5000 cells. A new plot was opened below the Data Grid and was backgated to display all of the events that fall within the new gate defined on the Data Grid.


Edit Custom Data in Data Grids

Data Grids also allow any token or token formula to be added to a custom data set. In the layout below a Data Grid was created to display a custom data set of "% Live" and "% Apoptotic" cells. The "% Gated" data was added to the grid by dragging or adding tokens to the grid and in the last "Token" column, a formula is being created to add a constant value to a token. The values from the Data Grid are being displayed in the Bar Plot above, note that some columns are "highlighted" in black to display the "true" or "false" value defined by a formula in the Data Grid.