FCS Express: Importing a FACSDiVa™ File

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FCS Express can load FCS files from the BD FACSDiva™ software, just like you can load data files from any other instrument. However, the FACSDiva Importer in FCS Express Flow Cytometry allows you to import your entire experiment as well.

See how it works below or jump to our FACSDiva Tips Page or check out our FACSDiva Importer Webinar.

Often, you will need to share your BD FACSDiva experiment with others, or present your analysis, or even adjust the gates, but you are not seated at the acquisition machine. With FCS Express, you can easily import your FACSDiva Experiment file, and then perform all your analysis adjustments, as well as export your analysis to PowerPoint® and Excel®. FCS Express can currently support Diva™ version 4.0 and above.

Once your Experiment is loaded into FCS Express, you can treat your plots just like a plot created in FCS Express. (For tips on importing your FACSDiva Experiments, click here) In Figure 1 below, you see an Experiment created with BD's FACSDiva software. Figure 2 shows how the Experiment was successfully loaded into FCS Express.

Figure 1. Screenshot of the layout in the Diva Software

Figure 2. Screenshot of layout in FCS Express after importing using the FACSDiva Importer

As you can see, all the gates, quadrants, markers, plots, and scales have been maintained. The following Experiment elements are preserved when loaded into FCS Express:

  • All acquisition templates and analysis worksheets.
  • The native, high resolution, floating point FCS data.
  • All gates with the proper gating hierarchy.
  • All compensation settings.
  • All markers and quadrants.

Now that your FACSDiva Experiment is loaded into FCS Express, you can take advantage of all of FCS Express' powerful features, including adjusting the gates, and exporting to PowerPoint® and Excel®.

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