FCS Express: Exporting FCS Data

With FCS Express, you can export your raw data into a text file, allowing you to import the data into other statistics programs like Excel™. You can even choose which parameters you want to export. Just click on the plot which is linked to the FCS file you wish to export, and then select Export from the FCS Data tab. The screen below will appear:

  • Export File Name: Here you can select the name of the exported file and how to export the FCS data, into a Text file or another FCS file.
  • Export with Compensation: You can choose whether you export your data compensated or uncompensated.
  • Delimiting Character: Found in the  Save As screen, under the Options button- If you selected to export to a Text file, you can choose here the character which will be used to delimit the data.
  • Select Keywords to Remove: You can pick and choose which keywords will be exported with the file.
  • Parameters to Export: Select which parameters to export from the list of parameters which exist in the FCS file.
  • Export Cell Range: Select which cells you want to export.
  • Export Cells in Gate: Choose to export only cells in a specified gating region.