FCS Express: Tips for Guava Users

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“De Novo Software has consistently completed phases of the project ahead of schedule and has worked diligently and effectively with us to correct any problems that arise.”

- Philippe Goix
Founder and former CEO of Guava Technologies

FCS Express 6 has been specifically optimized for use with Guava® instruments. This page contains tips for working with Guava's compound data files and using the Panels function to designate where these multiple data sets are displayed within a user-defined template. This is particularly useful when working with 96-well microplates.

Changing the settings for compound files

FCS Express has been optimized to read the Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) 2.0 and 3.0 data files generated by the Guava instruments. The latest version of Guava CytoSoft™ software now packages all of the data files generated from a single assay run (such as data obtained from a microplate), into a single FCS 3.0 compound file, making it easier to manage and keep track of your data output.  Most flow cytometry data analysis software cannot open these FCS 3.0 files. FCS Express has adjustable default options which make those FCS 3.0 files as easy to open as standard FCS 2.0 files. Before enabling the options below please set your user options for Dialogs-->Open Data Dialog category to use the Advanced Open Data Dialog.

  1. Select File tab-> Options-> Data Loading->FCS File Options category as in the screenshot below.
  2. Turn on Allow Multiple Data sets. The Dataset Name Keyword edit box will now be enabled.
  3. Enter $SMNO in the Dataset Name Keyword box

4. Click OK at the bottom of the FCS Express User Options screen..

From now on, when you select an FCS data file to use, and it is a compound Guava file, you will be able to browse into the compund file as if it was a folder, and select which data set you want.  For instance, the file 3 color stimulated.PRO.FCS, shown below, is a compound Guava FCS data file.

If you double click on that file within FCS Express, it will "browse" into that file and show a list of all the data sets that the file contains, as in the picture below.

96 Well Plate Analysis

Since experiments on Guava instruments are often performed using 96-well plates, there are often many data files per experiment. Panels is a feature in FCS Express 6 Pro that allows users to quickly and easily change the data sets displayed within a user-defined layout. Our high-content add on allows you to easily visualize 96 well plates in a heatmap plot and use our new heat map gates.

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