FCS Express: Histograms

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“in 2 min had a perfect analysis for my LPS treatment”

- Uriel Trahtemberg
MD/PHD Student

Histograms are an integral aspect of flow cytometry data analysis, yet even the most die-hard flow fan will tell you that after analyzing their 50th histogram it loses some of its luster. FCS Express packs in many features to speed up your analysis so you can get on to more important things.

With FCS Express, you can instantly change the parameter you are viewing on the histogram by clicking the mouse on the axis label or by pressing the number corresponding to the parameter you wish to view. No more wading through myriad windows in order to do simple things!

Plus, by simply click-dragging the mouse around a region of interest, you can zoom in to magnify any section you desire:

Another feature of FCS Express is that all histogram overlays are "live". This means that you can change the histogram parameters of the overlays, and even change their gating regions while they are displayed on the screen, in order to easily view the data in different ways. Complete statistics are given for every overlay. FCS Express also allows you to add multiple overlays at once. This means that if you want the mean of parameter one from 30 files, simply open the first file as a histogram, add the other 29 overlays in one shot and then FCS Express will give you the means of all 30 histograms. A genuine time saver!

All aspects of the histogram are under your control. You can control the background, fonts, titles and legends to obtain any effect you desire.

Multiple files can be added onto one histogram plot as overlays and displayed in a truly unique ways: overlaid histograms with customizable transparency (e.g., at the top of this webpage); stacked histograms consisting of separate panes on the same plot (e.g., below); and, 3D- and filled histograms which turns an ordinary plot into a work of art (e.g., second plot below)!