FCS Express: Image Gating

Image Gating

The new Picture Plot image gating feature of FCS Express allows the user to:

  • Gate directly on an image
  • Back gate from a 2D plot to an image
  • Use tokens for image and plot gating statistics
  • View image gates on any other plot type in FCS Express
Gating on a Picture Plot / Image
Back gating from a 2D plot to a picture plot
Images can be gated on directly and gated cells can be displayed on any 2D plot. The top left picture plot has a red and green gate applied. The bottom left 2D plot is displaying the cells gated above as green and red dots. 2D Plots representing image data can be gated on and backgated to the image. The bottom right 2D plot of imaging data was gated on while the top right picture plot has been back gated with the pink gate. Note how cells in the upper right picture plot are highlighted by the pink gate color defined in the 2D plot.