Knowledgebase: What are the differences between the internet dongle and network licensing options?

De Novo Software offers two concurrent licensing options to meet your needs in providing multiple users access to FCS Express. For multi-user licenses, you may choose to use the internet dongle or network licensing option. Please refer to the summary table provided below to quickly review the differences between the two options.

Internet Dongle
Network Version
License Type Concurrent Concurrent
Supported Platform Win32, Win64, MacOS Win32, Win64
Installation Software is installed on each computer Software exists on shared drive to which users have the shortcut on his/her workstation

Users start up program.
Login required.

As long as the concurrent user limit has not been reached, users can start up the software.

Users start up program.
No login.

As long as the concurrent user limit has not been reached, users can start up the software.
Number of possible usernames Unlimited Not Applicable
Requirements Users must be connected to the internet Users must be connected to the network either directly or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Usage reports Detailed usage reports available None
Access control Any FCS Express admin user can add/remove users from within FCS Express Can only permitted via Windows network permissions, which grant access to the shared folder and generally requires IT support.
Future Users will be able to "check out" a license in the event s/he will be traveling somewhere without internet access. Not Applicable

Detailed information is available for the internet dongle.

If you would like to know more about licensing options for standalone copies of FCS Express, please click here.

Site Licenses

If you are interested in obtaining a site license for your institution, please contact us.