Knowledge Base: Viewing CytoFLEX data in FCS Express

Viewing CytoFLEX data in FCS Express

FCS Express is fully compatible with data from the Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX flow cytometer. Cytoflex data is acquired with a broad dynamic range, and when inserting a plot in FCS Express, the data may look compressed as seen in the images below at left. FCS Express allows you to easily zoom to the portion of the plot that contains your relevant data so you can get results quickly. Please see below for examples and a step-by-step guide to the process.

Additionally, magnification may not be necessary when using the latest update of FCS Express 6. FCS Express 6 has the ability to automatically set ranges based on the data files for both linear and non-linear parameters. Please see the section in the FCS Express manual regarding the Automatic Set Range Based on Data feature.

CytoFLEX data before magnifying (resolution).
CytoFLEX data after magnifying (resolution).


Using Magnify (Resolution) to rescale 2D- or 1D-plots

1. Insert a 2D- or 1D-plot for your CytoFLEX data. In this example, we have inserted a 2D Density plot.
2. Right-click on the plot.

3. Choose Magnify (Resolution).

Note: Generally, you should use Magnify (Resolution) and not Magnify (Axis). Magnify (Axis) will only zoom to that portion of the plot. Magnify (Resolution) will both zoom and reallocate the plot's resolution to the region of interest, so that you do not lose any visual detail.

4. Draw a region on the plot that encompasses the area to magnify. You generally want to zoom to an area that encompasses and extends somewhat beyond your region of interest.
Your CytoFLEX data will now be properly displayed.