Preparing for Database Updates

For certain releases, FCS Express will update the structure of the security database. After the database is updated, previous releases of FCS Express will no longer be able to use it. Because of this, we recommend the following:


1.Before installing a version of FCS Express which will update the database, perform a backup of the existing database. Please see the topic Backing up the Databases for details. To determine whether a specific release will update the database, please check the release notes on the download page.
2. If you plan on testing the new FCS Express release before switching to using it, then perform the following steps
a. Create a new database for testing, and initialize it with the contents of the backup from step 1.
b. Install the new release to a new folder


c. Copy the file FCSEdb.ini from your previous installation to the new folder, and edit it so that it refers to the database you created in step 1.


d. Run FCS Express, and perform your testing. The user names and permissions will be the same as in your original databases. Note that since you are now using a new database, any changes you make will not be propagated back to the previous release.


3. Install the new release to the same folder as the previous release, and run.