FCS Express: Parameter Labels

Often the default parameter label that is saved with your data file is not descriptive enough. FCS Express allows you to change the parameter labels that appear on your plots, or use the default ones that exist in the data file.

To facilitate your custom labels, FCS Express provides functionality to create a set of parameter labels than can be saved, and then subsequently loaded for use in other layouts. To create a custom set of parameter labels, from the View tab, select Parameter Labels, and then click on Modify Labels. The diagram below shows that we have created the set called "New Parameter Labels" with 4 custom-named parameters. The template file used may be selected or changed by clicking the ... (ellipsis) button to the right of the Template File: field.

Once you have created your set of custom parameter labels, you can now select to use them on your plots. Click OK to close the Parameter Labels window. Access the Format window by double-clicking the plot. Under the Axis category in the window below, click the radio button next to Parameter label set and select the set you want to use from the Parameter Label Set drop-down menu in the Derive Axis Titles from section. In this window, you can also change the text formatting (bold, italic, font, size, color, etc.) of the parameter labels (options not shown).

Below is a plot before the parameter labels were changed (left) and then after (middle and right)

Importantly, parameter label sets do not change your original data. The plots uses the set you defined instead of the parameter labels in the data file.