Publish Your Analysis From FCS Express

You have three convenient ways to share your analysis from FCS Express
  1. Save your layout as a PowerPoint file
  2. Save your layout as a PDF file
  3. And now, Publish your layout

What options are available for Publishing?

There are two Publishing options available to FCS Express customers: the Standard Publisher and the Advanced Publisher.

The first option, the Standard Publisher, allows for layouts to be published to the De Novo Software Publishing Site. 10 MB of free storage is provided, and more is available for a fee.

The second option, the Advanced Publisher, provides these additional features:

  • You can publish to your own hard drive, network, or website, as well as to the De Novo Software Publishing Site.
  • You can control what actions people are allowed to perform when looking at your published analysis.

  • You can select whether to include Batch Processing Actions in the published layouts. This might be useful if you work in a clinical lab providing Virtual Flow, and there is proprietary information represented in the the Batch Processing Actions that you would rather not make available.
  • You can select which keywords to anonymize, to protect confidential patient information or other sensitive metadata.