Tips for Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire users

FCS Express has been specially optimized for use with FCS Data files generated by Abbott's Cell-Dyn Sapphire® instrument. When the Sapphire software exports results from the instrument, it packages all of the separate cell populations into a single compound file. Most flow cytometry data analysis software cannot even open the compound file, but all you have to do in FCS Express is change a few settings to make Abbott files as easy as any other. See our poster from the 2005 ISLH XVIII meeting.

Below is an explanation of the different data sets in a typical Sapphire data file.

Data Set Name Explanation
WBCod white blood cell optical data
RBCi Red blood cell impedance data
PLTi Platelet impedance data
PLTo optical platelet data
HGBr optical density readings for the hemoglobin measurement
HGBs optical density readings for the hemoglobin measurement
CD3_4 CD3/4 analysis
CD3_8 CD 3/8 analysis
RETC reticulocyte data
CD61 CD61 (immunoplatelet analysis)

We have several resources available for Sapphire users.

Cell-Dyn Sapphire is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories.