FCS Express: Scatter Plots

Most users spend a lot of time exporting data to Excel in order to make scatter plots to summarize their data. If your data changes, due to a change in gating strategy, you have to re-export all your data and recreate your graphs. FCS Express has built-in Scatter Plots that update immediately as your analysis changes. This takes you from your raw data to final results in record time.

  • Customizable - Scatter Plots are fully formattable to user specifications for display or publication
  • Highlighting - Points can be highlighted if they match user-defined criteria
  • Error bars - Can be displayed based on any user-defined freetext or statistical formula
  • Automatic Update- By using tokens for a Scatter Plot, data points on the plot will automatically update in response to changes in gates, formulas, and other tokens.
  • Present your data in a Scatter with Regression Plot, which overlays a regression curve at the click of a button.
Eight samples were gated according to the strategy below
The data from each sample and gate was placed in a custom data grid
A scatter plot was created from the values in the custom data grid and error bars applied

When gates are adjusted the data points in the Scatter Plot automatically updated in response to the change.

Adjusting gates on a sample
The Scatter Plot updates in real time to reflect changes in gating

Just like any other plot in FCS Express, Scatter Plots are fully formattable, including dot properties.
Notice the formatting changes in the plots below.

Before formatting
After formatting: Points change color based on predefined values, background has been changed, error bars lines have be formatted

Data from Scatter Plots can also be overlayed and displayed on bar plots from the same or multiple experiments.

Scatter Plot from Experiment #9
Bar Plot defined from Experiment #2
Scatter Plot (above) from Experiment #9 overlayed on Bar Plot from Experiment #2 (left)