FCS Express: Security

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“Having tested just about every major platform available, I am confident that De Novo Software has the product that truly outperforms the rest.”

- David Di Giusto Ph.D. Director of Analytical Cytometry, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope National Medical Center

FCS Express includes a comprehensive security system that allows you to control access to various functions in FCS Express on in particular layouts. This can be important for ensuring the integrity of your data analysis and for conforming with various governmental regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11. FCS Express offers two layers of security: user-based security, and layout-based security. Please allow see Permission Rules and Authorizations.

LDAP and Single Sign On are also available at additional cost and request.

User-Based Security allows you to restrict selected users from performing selected functions in the program. You can designate users be part of security groups that permit a defined set of the functions of FCS Express. Each user must log in with their name and password. When they try to access a restricted function, they will see an error message similar to this one:

With Layout-Based Security, you can set up the same restrictions, but these will be designated for a particular layout. Any user who opens up that layout will be prevented from performing the restricted functions. This allows you to create layouts with different statuses. For instance, you can create an "approved" status. Once a layout is flagged as "approved" only certain functionality, such as printing, may be allowed. Other functionality, such as moving a gate, can be prohibited. That way, even though a user has permission to move a gate, they will not be able to move a gate on a layout with the "approved" status.

Both kinds of security work together. Only the functions which are allowed in both user-based security, and layout-based security, can be used.

Setting up security groups is easy. As the administrator, you will be able to check or uncheck a group of functions (see all available permissions), or just one particular one, as in this window:

Adding a new user is also easy. Just go to the User Administration screen and press the Add button, as seen below.

Simply enter the user's information and assign them to the security group of your choosing, as seen below.

The security system stores all its information in a database. You have several options for which database you wish to use.

Please see an explanation of the security features included in FCS Express that make working with security and users more efficient.

For pricing information, or to find out how to obtain a demo of the security system, please contact sales@denovosoftware.com.

LDAP and Single Sign On

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (also known as Active Directory or Directory Server) with Single Sign On capability is currently available in FCS Express. To request access and pricing please contact support@denovosoftware.com.

LDAP is configured in FCS Express via the File tab>Security>Edit Security Configuration dialog.

Simply define the Hostname, Domain, and/or to allow Single Sign On.


Once configured, you may choose to add users from LDAP in the User Adminstration dialog


A user selection dialog will allow you to enter names and search the directory.


Users will be automatically populated using their domain credentials for access.